Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

One of the side effects from any type of bariatric procedure is hair loss in both men and women.

This is due to two reasons.

First is since your stomach has been drastically reduced in size, it is almost impossible for you to eat the adequate amount of the nutrients that support healthy hair.

Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery
Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

In addition to this, your body is experiencing hormonal changes that occur with rapid weight loss, adding more stress to your hair.

Bari Liquid Force not only included all of the recommended levels of vitamins and nutrients, but also a proprietary blend of 42 super fruits.

This powerful combination can stop and reverse hair loss for individuals who have had any type of gastric sleeve, or bariatric procedure.

Bari Liquid Force vitamins are liquid filled gel caps which quickly absorb into your system in as little as 3 minutes.  They are very easy to swallow and can be taken with, or without food and have been shown to stop and reverse hair loss after bariatric surgery.