Author name: Bridget Alex

Dr. Bridget Alex Born on a windy autumn morning in Portland, Maine, Dr. Bridget Alex always had an innate calling to heal and guide. From mending the wings of injured sparrows as a child to dedicating her life to transforming thousands of lives through bariatric surgery, her journey has been nothing short of inspiring. After graduating with top honors from Harvard Medical School, where she was known not just for her surgical precision but also for her empathetic approach to patient care, Dr. Alex rapidly became one of the most sought-after bariatric surgeons in the nation. Recognizing the need for comprehensive patient support beyond surgery, she penned three groundbreaking books on bariatric surgeries. These texts, now considered seminal works in the field, are often cited for their innovative insights and deep understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of weight loss surgery. Dr. Alex's commitment to her patients goes beyond the operating room and the written word. She was acutely aware of the nutritional challenges faced by those who underwent bariatric surgery, which led her to develop the award-winning Bari Liquid Force Vitamin. In collaboration with Universal Body Labs, this tailor-made bariatric vitamin ensures that individuals receive optimal nutrition during their post-operative journey. Beyond her professional commitments, Dr. Alex is a passionate advocate for mental health, underscoring the deep-seated relationship between physical and mental well-being. Her non-profit organization, 'Whole You Foundation', has helped thousands bridge the gap between physical transformation and mental liberation. When she's not in the operating room, writing, or developing health innovations, Dr. Alex enjoys hiking with her Golden Retriever, Leo, indulging her love for jazz piano, and volunteering at local schools to educate youngsters about the importance of a balanced life. Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Bridget Alex has transformed the narrative around bariatric surgery and its aftercare. Through her relentless dedication, she has not only changed bodies but also touched souls, leaving an indelible mark on the medical world.

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