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Bariatric Vitamins are essential for bariatric surgery success

United Healthcare Weight Loss Surgery Coverage

While many United Healthcare Summary Plan Descriptions and Certificates of Coverage explicitly exclude coverage for weight loss surgery, many plans do cover surgery. In fact, some states require insurance companies to cover weight loss surgery, so even if your policy excludes it.

"Does insurance cover weight loss surgery?" Answered by Dr. Michael Kleerekoper: Surgery: Generally not – sorry! Check Local Plans: This all depends upon your own coverage and also your local weight loss bariatric centers. You need to check with your local bariatric center- make s.


Nothing about 6 months supervised weight loss history documented. Nothing about 6 months supervised weight loss history documented. I told them this when I went to the surgeon consult The requirements depend on what type of UHC coverage you have. For example, I have UHC ChoicePlus.

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Noncovered medical services generally include cosmetic surgery, infertility treatments, weight-loss surgery.

such as Cigna and UnitedHealthcare, won’t cover preplanned medical care overseas.

United Healthcare covers 4 weight loss procedures, including the Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Lap-Band, and Duodenal Switch, assuming Your United Healthcare weight loss surgery insurance coverage depends on several factors, all of which are reviewed below. First, use our free insurance.

I have United Healthcare ChoicePlus and have been told to qualify for surgery that I must have a 5 year consecutive record of a bmi of 40 or higher. Im curious to know if anyone has been approved without meeting this requirement throught UHC? Im concerned Ill be denied because Ive only had a.

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Many insurance plans will cover weight loss surgery. However, individual policies may differ in their requirements and coverage. If you have difficulty understanding your insurance company's weight loss surgery coverage, our financial care counselors can provide an in-depth review of your policy.

United Healthcare offers an assortment of health coverage programs to small and large groups with varied benefit packages. If your doctor and United Healthcare agree that you are eligible for weight loss surgery to improve your chronic health problems, you may be eligible for weight loss surgery.

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No matter which plan you choose, you can learn to anticipate how you and your plan share the costs for your coverage.

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