Reshaping Tanya: Clovis woman’s dramatic weight loss inspires thousands – Among the crowds of people logging miles on the machines at the GB3 in Clovis, few have come as far as 35-year-old Tanya Smith. She started her weight loss journey nearly two years ago.

Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss Surgery Breast augmentation, also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, is surgery to increase the size of your breasts using implants. It may be used to enlarge smaller breasts, correct asymmetrical breasts, or to regain fullness after weight loss or pregnancy. Verywell / Bailey Mariner. A blogger celebrating the one-year anniversary since she removed her breast implants

U.S. News provides information on each dentist’s specialty, patient experience, and location to help you find the best dentist for you. Dr. Christopher R. Sabourin is an endodontist in Clovis.