These Women Are Shaking Up the Plus-Size Fashion Industry – The role played by online retail cannot be overstated: E-commerce made it possible for niche lines like Ashley Nell Tipton and All 67 to sidestep.

I also decided to have weight-loss surgery. After.

Ashley Nell Tipton of Project Runway fame had gastric bypass surgery last month, and has explained she's 'already lost 50 lbs. this first month.' The surgeon 'He explained to me how weight loss surgery can re-boost your metabolism and help you eat right. Weight loss surgery isn't going to.

Ashley Nell Tipton's first retail job introduced her to a community of plus-size women underserved by the fashion industry. It was a sales role that morphed into that of an ersatz therapist, she says—she helped talk customers out of their insecurities and into clothes that made them feel confident.

Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton Reveals She Had Gastric Bypass Surgery 17 May 2017 | How much of Ashley Nell Tipton's work have you seen?

Plus-size model Ashley Nell Tipton seeks weight-loss in bariatric surgery amid obesity health scares: Why 'Project Runway' winner chose gastric bypass.

Ashley Nell Tipton is in the news again. This time, instead of breaking the style status quo with gorgeous lavender hair and her vibrant JC Penney clothing line, she's losing weight. Ashley is another public figure in a line of public figures who have undergone weight loss surgery.

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Ashley Nell Tipton (Photo courtesy Ashley Nell Tipton]. "I saw how much I struggled finding clothing that fit me and my personality," she says. The response to her collection proved that she wasn't alone. "There was just not enough effort put into this industry, so it motivated me to keep going, seeing how.

Half of it is the surgery, and half of it is you eating what you're supposed to eat and exercising. Find on Amazon: Ashley Nell Tipton. Cite this Page: Citation.

Ashley Nell Tipton has lost 50 lbs. since having gastric bypass surgery last month. Tipton began discussing the option of having weight loss surgery with her therapist, and decided to meet with a surgeon for a consultation.

CW: This article will discuss weight loss surgery (WLS), including reference to direct quotes from a People magazine article on Ashley Nell Tipton's recent decision to undergo WLS. Dear Virgie, I woke up this morning to learn that Ashley Nell Tipton (ANT) under went gastric bypass surgery.

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